by Vanessa Nicola May 26, 2016

Alia Nicola has put together a style guide for looking your best at this year's Deighton Cup. 

Floral has been a huge trend this Spring, and will carry on into Summer; our Trendsetter collection incorporates floral prints, with classic patterns, such as pinstripe and windowpane, giving your accessories a unique look. If you are going to wear bold colours and patterns, you should pair it with a more subdued jacket and shirt. 

Alia Nicola strives to create unique and versatile pieces by making each product reversible. For example, our pocket squares are made into quadrants of different fabric, and depending on how you fold it, you can get numerous looks in one. Some people prefer not to completely match their pocket square and tie, but you want to always have complementary colours and patterns, which is why our pocket square is perfect.

Remember, if you decide to wear a tie, it must reach your waistband, or just above; never below.

Always pair your tie with a vest, sweater and/or suit jacket; a tie by itself is never a good look.




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Vanessa Nicola
Vanessa Nicola


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