About Us

...The Designer

Raised on a cattle ranch in British Columbia and growing up as a competitive equestrian, Alia Nicola knows the meaning of hard work.  She has a passion for fine things and a true respect for tradition.  Combining thoughtful details and attention to functionality with modern trends and product versatility, she has created a UNISEX brand with timeless appeal. 

“I strive to create pieces that compliment not only the look of an individual, but also to showcase their personality.”

With a love for a handcrafted approach when creating a boutique style piece, and an aspiration to uphold the integrity of the traditional fabrics she selects, she decided to launch her own brand to accommodate these desires.

...The Company

The Canadian based self-named company; Alia Nicola Accessory Co. was established in 2013.  Her vision was to utilize high quality suiting cloths and woollens for alternate purposes other than their traditional intention.   She sources and imports fabrics from some of the world’s finest cloth merchants from the United Kingdom.  Her fabrics include an assortment of woollens, worsted wool, merino wool, silk, angora, linen, cotton, cashmere, camel hair, alpaca, & kid mohair.  They come in a variety of colors and traditional patterns such as check, windowpane, bird’s eye, herringbone, hounds tooth, pinstripe, chalk stripe, plaids, tweeds and tartans. The focus is to present and prepare extraordinary, luxurious, UNISEX accessories handcrafted with a true artisanal approach. 

Her attention to the slow fashion movement and goal for social responsibility are two more motivations that the company was developed.  Consistently with her dedication to creating withstanding and timeless pieces, Alia seeks to produce bi-annual collections with fresh and innovative designs.  The conception of fashionable goods possessing high versatility and character are key elements that the designer Alia Nicola strives to deliver.